Our object is simple: We want to sell spareparts and accesories for historic and sportive cars and make it the best way possible using our genuine passion and competence. And it's from the same passion for the historic and especially racing cars that has sprung up our idea to create this website. As a great fans of the historic cars ourselves we have noticed the lack of a reliable sources where to purchase the spareparts and accessories for the manutation and preparation of these cars, especially the Italian ones. While for the foreign historic cars, especially the English ones but also for the German and French there seems to be numerous online stores and experts able to offer all the spareparts necessary but for the Italian cars this seems to be much more difficult. This fact is penalizing the Italian cars also in the international historic car races and one can easily note this by looking the car brands that are mostly filling the lists of partecipants for the rallyes: Porsche 911, Opel Kadett & Ascona, Ford Escort, BMW 2002...are often the favorits. Italy is anyway known to be the best car maker for the technique and for the style and this fact has always been appreciated by the foreigners and for that exists numerous clubs abroad with the fans of the Italian historic cars.


The purpose of the Ricambirossocorsa is thus to be the point of reference for all the historic car lovers, a website support for everyone how's looking for vintage spare parts for his/her car. You will find available a wide range of spare parts of the best marks with the assurance to get a quality product with the best price and with the quarantee of the MoneyBack system. Furthermore we are a website that faces up to the world of cars at 360°: The Vetrina Auto - a portal where to expose your car and to get information about motorsport meetings and of all the news of the field both technical and commercial. The Mercatino - our marketplace (where you can add your announcements free of charge) for the true lovers of these fantastic cars, all this made with the purpose to bring made in Italy all around the world also in this sector that has always given great emotions.


Visiting our website you can find:


Complete range of accesories of the new OMP Vintage -line

Clutches for road and racing use for most of the historic cars

Brake discs and pads for road and racing use

Wide selection of the chemical additives LIQUI MOLY

Exhaust pipes for road use and in INOX on request

Wheel spacers

Front beams

Steering heads

Camshafts Colombo&Bariani

On request we can provide and reconstruct by a sample all kind of plumbings



And as always it's a great emotion for us to see Lancia Fulvias in races all over the world and to be able to serve a wide range of spare parts for the owners of these magnificient cars!


Please feel free to contact us for any requirements or just to tell us your opinion of our way to work!